Jersey Dog Forum is a Facebook Group, however, those of you who have been in the group a while will know that the Admins and members get up to all sorts of dog related stuff.  It is not uncommon for the Admins to be contacted and we never know what the call will be about, however, we will always try and point people in the right direction. Some of the things the Admins have been most happy to be involved with will never be made public for confidentiality reasons.

Below on this page is an overview as to some of what the group as a whole gets up to!  🐶

Facebook Group

We mess around a lot on Facebook... Join us!  Be Friendly, Always!


Now and then we meet up.  Sometimes we are lucky enough to be joined by friends who know how to take a pretty good photo.  Group members are also pretty awesome at arranging their own group walks.

We may include walks planned by Admin on the 'Latest News' page although as you probably know, these are often at short notice and whilst we may include walks organised by others on the website, there are so many that we may not be able to so keep an eye on the group for these.

Stuff that makes us smile...

We thought it would be cool to have a little section with stuff which makes us smile, so here it is! 😊

We are Actual Trend Setters...

Fleas are the in thing at the moment don't you know....  We aren't just filling space on the website at all....

Missing Dogs

It was never the intention but the forum has become pretty useful for sharing information about missing dogs.  The fastest reunion yet was in under two minutes!  The longest was Penn and anyone involved in looking for her will recall that that was a long and painful 9 days!

Click on the link to see what you can do if your dog is missing. 🐶

Community Stuff

We like to think that us dog owners are a good bunch and the group has been put to good use since its creation.  More than £12,000 has been raised via the group for charitable purposes or just to help out a dog owner in need... Pretty good going!

Education / useful stuff

The group was created to facilitate the sharing of helpful and useful information to dog owners.  This page includes some of the things that we have done or have planned on that front. 🐶

Facebook Page

The Jersey Dog Forum Group also has a Facebook Page which is public so that posts can be shared wider than the group which is closed. This was needed for the missing dogs and to share some of the educational posts that get lost with all the chat although they can get just as lost on the page - hence the creation of the website! Give us a like!


It's great to catch up with people from time to time who we otherwise only know as a profile picture in the group.

If your friends don't have dogs or your dog doesn't like being around your other dog owning friends then social meetings are an opportunity to spend time with other dog owners.  From time to time we will meet up for coffee or otherwise (with or without dogs) - just to be sociable and support each other!

Rescue Dog Home Checking

The Admins are experienced home checkers and are happy to home check for off island rescues who need a Jersey home checker or someone to conduct follow up visits because they don't have their own outfit here.  We do not home check for private rehomings, although we would consider it for a small donation to a charity.


Pet Bereavement

If you would just like someone to talk to because you’re struggling with the loss and just need support from another dog lover, get in touch and we will put you in touch with a lovely lady who would love to practice her listening skills to support you through the grieving process.

Our 'Pet Bereavement' Page also contains information that you might need at that time.