Town space needed to exercise Roxy – Can you help?

Hiya everyone 🙂
I’m starting a new job in two weeks and am looking for some where to exercise my gorgeous German Shepard Roxy on my lunch hour as close to town as possible, ideally a secure field.
She is very high strung when it comes to going out and about, unfortunately due to her previous life of being in isolation from the outside world for 4 years before I took her on.
She is reactive to anything with 4 legs, however we have made progress with desensitising her from cows and horses, she is very gentle and loving towards people and children.
If anyone knows of anybody that has the space to accommodate us for just 30-40mins (she has hip dysplasia and oestoarthiritis and can’t walk for too long) around lunchtime in the weekdays so she can have a good wonder and sniff around I would be so grateful if you could let me know. Thanks again!

JDF Admin Note:  Charlie Seal can be contacted via the Jersey Dog Forum Group or the Admins will be happy to pass a message along!  Thanks everyone.  🙂 


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