Stuff that makes us smile...

🐶  This is the place for stuff that makes us smile 😊



Wyatt got Adopted!

Wyatt adopt me

And to an awesome home as well.... awwww 😊


Kung Foo Arnie!

kung foo

That or the ball hit him in the wrong place... 🏀


All for a handful of biscuits....

Graham police dog drawing

A picture presented to Graeme Best on  his retirement from the Staffordshire Police Dog Display Team in 1982. Can just imagine what was going through my " STORM'S mind as well.

Dexter Noon!

Dexter noon

Gotta love those crazy eyes...

When your mate is oblivious....

Charlie Mallet

Charlie Mallet's awesome duo!

Gotta love Harley pinching his cake....  I'm tempted to buy him one each year in the hope it happens again! 😉

How loved is this dog.... ❤️

tatiana kiki birthday

This was Kiki's first birthday! Awww.... ❤️

Gail had a lovely trip down a rabbit hole....

gail rain

Good job us Dog Forum lot were around to give lots of sympathy...

Apparently that's a candle....

shan candle

This is Shan's take on 'A candle lit dinner for two dogs' in the drawing game... What else would be!

Jumping for Joy.....


Aww Mac ❤️

Hedgehog? Or a Border Terrorist?

Rosie hedgehog

Liz Lee's Rosie doubles as a hedgehog when she s not being a border terrier!

Naughty Spaniel Club Founders...


The founding Members of the Naughty Spaniel Club AKA Crazy Cockers!