We love a bit of rescue in Dog Forum.  Here we will share our thoughts and other useful information on the rescue scene.  We have some exciting things planned so check back often.  🐶

Arnold before and after

Rescue Dogs Looking for a home in Jersey

Rescue Dogs Looking for a Home

Click here to see rescue dogs looking for a home in Jersey.

A Special Plea for Ariel

The JSPCA have issued a special plea for Ariel

Need a Jersey Home checker?

If you have seen a dog off island and need a local home checker, contact Jersey Dog Forum Admin and we will advise whether we have dealt with the rescue before and if we would be willing to home check for them.  We usually are...  Here a few dogs that are now living happily in the island after wonderful people gave them a chance at island life.

Rebecca 2
Rebecca 1

Rescues Organisations with dedicated home checkers in Jersey

Rescued a dog?

We will be looking to publish stories of those with experience of rescuing a dog.  If you would like to write a piece on this then get in touch! 🙂