UPDATED – Portuguese Man o’ War Found on Beaches

Group members have warned of various Portuguese Man o’ War being found in the beaches. Marc Rudman (whose photos are attached) reported having removed 103 from the beach whilst walking between La Pulent and El Tico on 15 November.  They have also been reported to have been found on Green Island beach, St Clements Beach on the way to La Hocq and Pontac Beach.

On 16th November they have been spotted at L’Etacq Beach in the seaweed and La Pulente and 22 were removed from the seaweed line at the Rice Bowl slip, at Greve d’azette and Green Island.

These can be reported to environment on 441600.

17 November 2017 – We are informed that these have been seen at Rozel.

17 November 2017 – Also seen near the Golf Club, Grouville.

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