From time to time, dog owners need a pilot whether that be to pick up a puppy or in an emergency situation.

Emergency situations:Ā 

If you are in an emergency situation, Peter Haworth at New Era Veterinary Hospital has put together a fact sheet for travel options so contact them on 01534 730521. Ā The 24 hour emergency number isĀ 07797 711585.

Puppies / other travel

Alun Griffiths may be of assistance and can be contacted on 07700 737730.

Alun Griffiths (Jersey Aero Club) recently posted a note on the ‘realities and legalities’ around flying with dogs.

Click HERE to read Alun’s Facebook post

Note to PilotsĀ 

If you’re a pilot and want your contact details to be included on the website or you would like Admin to send people your way, feel free to get in touch.

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