It was never the intention, however, the group has become a great resource for those whose dog has gone missing.  This page contains some considerations for you if you find yourself in this position.

Quick summary of practical steps to do.

🐶  Call the JSPCA and leave your details on 724331.
🐶  Call the centenier of the parish the dog went missing in. You may also wish to call the centenier in surrounding parishes.
🐶  Decide if publicity is going to be a help or a hinderance (see below).
🐶  You could call Channel 103.  The general number is 01534 888103 or thee studio/on air number is 887103.
🐶  You could let the police know on 612612 as they may receive reports about your dog.
🐶  Post in Jersey Dog Forum Group if you wish and tag or ask someone else to tag both Admins.
🐶  You can post on the page yourself or you can ask one of us to do it and then we will do our thing with the post. (See below).
🐶  Ask someone who knows the dog to stay close to where the dog went missing even if there have been sightings elsewhere.  Dogs very often don't go very far and often go back to the area they were lost in.
🐶  It is not unknown for dogs to find their way home so ask a friend to sit at your house and watch for this.
🐶  Get a friend to make arrangements to provide you with a spare phone charger if you're likely to be out looking and checking your phone.

Pen - Missing
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Your Post should include the following:

🐶  Name of dog
🐶  Breed of dog or description
🐶  Photograph of your dog
🐶  Precise location where your dog went missing
🐶  Direction of travel
🐶  Rough time that your dog went missing
🐶  Your contact details
🐶  Description of your dogs collar / harness
🐶  Whether your dog is friendly or nervous when approached
🐶  Whether your dog would be likely to go to or run from another dog.
🐶  Latest confirmed sighting (more on this below).
🐶  Remember not everyone is on facebook.

You may be worried about giving your dog's name, however, people are far more likely to engage where they have a name and photo - don't ask us why, we just know that that's how it goes!

What we can do.

Most dogs are returned to their owners very quickly.  If you want to keep the hunt low key, it may be enough just to let Admins know and if we are aware that a dog has been found or seen we will bring this to your attention.

There are some amazing people in the group that will help in the search for missing dogs. As Admins, we will not actively look or encourage others to actively spend time looking for a missing dog unless the owner is in contact with us directly.  This is to ensure that our lovely group members are not wasting their valuable time searching for a dog that's been home for hours.  However, as long as the owner promises to keep us informed, we will help out where we can.

🐶 Our preferred way of helping with missing dogs is for us to write a post, based on the information you give us.
🐶 We share the same post sometimes very widely and other times less so depending on the circumstances.
🐶 Admins, or other members of the group will often tag contacts in the rescue world (they know a lot of dogs!)
🐶 If there are any sightings or other relevant information, we can just update the one post and it will update wherever it has been shared.
🐶 We obviously can't update your posts.
🐶 We do not have time to update multiple posts.
🐶  We do not have time to monitor multpile posts or pages, however, we will receive notifications when someone comments on those that are shared by us and we will of course pass these onto you asap.  We will tag you so that you can also follow.
🐶  This can mean you should be able to concentrate on finding your dog whilst we keep an eye on Facebook.
🐶  We will be happy to boost the Facebook post for you if you wish to cover the cost of us doing so.



A trap may be suggested.  We generally do not recommend this.  There are legal considerations and there are risks to other animals in setting traps.  Any trap would need to be monitored often which can put the animal off returning to the area anyway.  You should obtain permission to go on private land.  We have found that people are more likely to catch your dog, eventually.

A bit about publicity...

🐶  Sightings - If you have asked people to actively help with the search for your dog, then you must keep them up to date when there are sightings.  If for no other reason, it is rude not to as people are giving up their time to help you and you may put them off helping someone else in future. .

🐶  Take sightings with a 'pinch of salt'.  People have been known to misread posts and repeat old information as if it were new which can confuse matters and sadly some are just false.

🐶  Do not discount the dog seemingly having travelled a long distance in a short space of time, they can move unbelievably fast when they want to!

🐶  A very nervous dog may go to hiding if they are surrounded by strange people walking the area and / or calling their name.  You need the dog to come out of hiding to be seen.

🐶  People may start to feed the dog to keep them comfortable.  Whilst we obviously do not want the animal to suffer, feeding the dog will mean he does not need to venture out (where he will be seen) for food.  There is no doubt a balance to be struck.  Any food left may be eaten however, there is no guarantee that it will have been by your dog!

🐶  When you share a phone number you can expect to receive calls which will distract you from your search.  That is from people who decide to call with details of a sighting hours after the event, or who just want to chat and even calls from those wishing to help with animal communication.

🐶 You can expect your well wishing and concerned friends to be running down your phone battery and plaguing your facebook with notifications which can make it very difficult to see important ones.

🐶  If your dog is likely to be missing for days, for example, if they have yet formed a bond with their owner or are very nervous.  You may need to consider being a little more organised about the search and you may consider that publicity is not always helpful.  If your dog is a rescue, the help of your rescue may be enough.

Preventing Missing Dogs

🐶  Ensure that the information on your dog's tag is up to date with your phone number and address so that you can be reunited quickly.

🐶  Ensure that your dog is microchipped and that your details are correct.

🐶  Ensure that visitors cannot enter and leave the garden gate open.  A lock on the inside of any gate at floor level can be useful.

🐶 Put a spring on any garden gate so that if it is left open, it will close itself.

🐶  Ensure that the dog is secure if left in the car alone.

🐶  Know your dog well enough to know he / she wont bolt or be distracted for example, if frightened by the weather or loud noises or by chasing bunnies or birds or anything else before letting them off the lead in an unsecure area.

🐶  You can buy GPS tracking collars that work in Jersey.

🐶  Check your fences regularly to ensure that they remain secure and particularly if there has been or is expected to be bad weather.

🐶  Enquire as to the security of travel arrangements with any day care or holiday care provider.

🐶  Put a chain on the door especially if you have children who may open the front door.

🐶  Ensure your dogs harness or collar can not be backed out of or slipped.

Tag a Friend

What to do if you have found a dog.

You can check or post on Facebook, however, you must remember that not everyone is on Facebook.  The JSPCA now has the contract for stray dogs and the process that the authorities would like you to follow is shown below:

🐶  Call the centenier in whatever parish you have the dog in.

🐶 The centenier will contact the JSPCA to give them the 'ok' to go and collect the dog.

🐶 You will be expected to wait until the JSPCA get to you.

🐶 The owner will be charged a fee.