IMDT Partnership Award

Jersey Dog Forum Group members "Parker" and "Indie" have recently passed their IMDT Partnership Award and have written a little bit about this for us! 🐶😊

The IMDT Partnership Award is a fantastic scheme where owners follow a program of learning and bonding with their dog, and then take a test to earn a certificate.  

IMDT = Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Click HERE to visit their website.



Young Parker Junior came from a street background in Romania and was adopted by Esta Williams.  Esta says"

"He has worked for the last four years to learn behaviour and scent, search skills with Fun 4 Dogs and has excelled with Islana and Robin.  He loves challenges and drawing on this little guys skills the IMDT course was perfect for him.  He did heel work, retrieves, recalls, search, tricks!! He loves to work so I recommend this course to all dogs. Both owner and dog have fun. Working now to his Level 2 ! The more you connect with your dog through fun and mental stimulation, the better relationship you have with your dog."




Ani Keogh says:

"I took Indie to see Islana at 10 weeks old for puppy classes until the age of 1 1/2 when I had other commitments so had to stop classes. A year later and I asked Islana about coming back to classes seeing as Indies reactivity to dogs was getting worse. She suggested joining the IMDT course as there was less dogs who were all very focused on their owners rather then other dogs. We stared the course and we both loved it, I loved the challenging aspect of teaching Indie new and more difficult training techniques and Indie loved using her brain and getting lots of treats. It brought us closer together as dog and human and we passed with a distinction. The course showed me how clever my dog was and how much she enjoyed learning new skills. She was great being around the other dogs in a small space and I loved how positive the whole course was."

Gorgeous Indie posting with her Certificate
Gorgeous Indie posting with her Certificate
Indie 4
Islana McLaughlin-Bell

Exercises include:

🐶 Learning to classically condition an examination of your dog ( low stress handling)
🐶 Learning to settle on a mat in the down so you can talk to guests.
🐶 Learning to recall from distraction.
🐶 Learning to walk on a loose lead. And many more.

Islana McLoughlin-Bell - Fun 4 Dogs

Islana says:
"All Partnership classes are only taught by an fully qualified IMDT trainer and this seals the standard and ethics of the courses across the world, IMDT trainers use modern reward based training to allow the learner the optimum success rate and make it fun along the way.
At Fun4Dogs we offer a course for £60 classes are small with only 6 dogs in each course, and run for 6 weeks with the test on the final session.
Currently we are running grade 1 for which you will need only a foundation in basic training knowledge, you can also choose to take this as a one to option for dogs that might not feel comfortable in a classroom situation.
Whilst others have completed in a class environment, Parker J did his one to one, so there are lots of options for everyone!  The criteria is online so anyone can access it to have a look."

A quick note from Jersey Dog Forum Admins:  Well done Esta and Parkie, Ani and Indie and everyone else who has undertaken the IMDT Partnership Award.  It is brilliant to see people enjoying modern dog training with their dogs!  🐶

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