GDPR Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

The information we collect from you includes:
🐶 Full Name
🐶 Email Address
🐶 We also collect pictures of your dogs with fleas

How and why we are collecting your information:
🐶 We will never ask for your personal details.
🐶 When you message or email the website or the Jersey Dog Forum email the only data we receive is what you provide, your email address and on occasion your name. We do not store or collect this data.
🐶 We collect smiley faces and love hearts and send them telepathically to homeless dogs.

How we use your information:
🐶 Articles: if you have written an article for the Jersey Dog Forum the only information we will gather is your name and email address. Only your name will be made public unless otherwise stated to be private. You may request at any time for your information to be removed.

Who will your personal information be shared with:
🐶 The Jersey Dog Forum never hand out personal information, this includes your email address and number (if provided) unless publicized through the directory.
🐶 The Jersey Dog Forum and administrators will never sell your personal information to a third party.

Should you feel any information about you is incorrect or you would like your information deleted permanently please contact us through the email below and we will correct or permanently remove this for you.

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