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Article By: Sofia Ribeiro
Date of Article: 11 February 2018

Hello dear JDF followers
The lovely Carla Channing asked me to write about French Bulldog Saviours (an organisation close to my heart) and what we do in Jersey.
French Bulldog Saviours is a non profit organisation based in the UK that only survives on donations, auctions, car boots, charity walks and volunteers.
We rescue and rehabilitate French Bulldogs and find them good homes. We have seen so much and believe me not good at all, we’ve lost dogs that we fought so hard to save, we’ve cried, we got angry, but we loved them until there last breath. And we’ve seen many making a wonderful recovery and being loved as they should have been since birth. It’s hard but rewarding it’s all I can say. 

We also try to educate (we don’t believe in banning the breed, we ask for health checks to be done and that’s how we know if our future puppy was well bred) and we always try our best to help and advise.

What we do here in Jersey?
Well, we do what we can to help. French Bulldog Owners FB page organised a charity walk just before Christmas with an amazing turn out of £250 (special thanks to Sam Allit, Leanne kemish and Leah Nobrega for organising this). I have collected items that I’ve auctioned on FBS auction page and we’ve raised around £90.
There’s also the possibility of adopting one of the frenchies available. These dogs have a full health check, they are treated (if needed) and vaccinations up to date and obviously assessed to know what their needs are, who they can live with and if any necessary training is needed. Only then they become ready for adoption.
People wanting to adopt must be willing to travel to the UK to pick up the dog. Now, I don’t think this is a big problem as most of us have done this for a puppy, then why not doing it to give a home to a dog that deserves its second chance? But, there’s also the possibility of the dog being brought to Jersey (again depending on our lovely volunteers).
Now here’s one of our success stories.
*WARNING* Contains images people may find upsetting.
Dolly the French Bulldog stray handed in May 2015
She was emaciated, frightened and unable to use her back legs. Unsurprisingly she pulled on all of our heart strings and posed many difficult questions.
27398054_10211111393282046_849465588_o (3)
27394103_10211111393162043_1190611512_o (3)
27394103_10211111393162043_1190611512_o (2)
French Bulldog Saviours and her failed foster have turned Dolly's life around! We take great pleasure in receiving the updates and seeing her so happy!
27399144_10211111393122042_1522109505_o (3)
Alex her loving owner:
"We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that helped our Dolly. Fields vets for seeing that tiny bit of hope and sparkle in her, French bulldog saviours for trusting us to foster and go on to adopt her, Angela at Woozelbears hydrotherapy in Swindon who swam her for free every other day and most importantly to her physio Donna and every single person who donated to her little donation pot whilst she was in Fields care. You raised enough money for months of physio which got her back on her feet. She is now the happiest dog alive, fit as a flea, in perfect condition and loves everyone and everything. She runs everywhere! A million miles away from the dog she was last May. She has touched the hearts of many people especially ours and we adore her ❤"
27399144_10211111393122042_1522109505_o (2)
Another happy story...this is Rosie
Rosie was living on a building site, sleeping on the concrete. Guess I don’t need to say more. Here are pictures of when she came to us...
27398311_10211111398722182_1956942821_o (2)

...and after rehabilitation, living the life she deserves.

27398311_10211111398722182_1956942821_o (3)
I know some images are awful but they’re real life and this are some examples of what we find.
You can follow FBS on the 2 links below.
Here’s the link for the Jersey page
And here’s the main page in the UK
Thank you Jersey Dog Forum for giving me the opportunity to talk about this amazing charity.
Thank you all for reading.

JDF Admin Comment:

Thank you for taking the time to explain what you at French Bulldog Saviours do in Jersey.  

If you are interested in helping Sofia please visit her page, or many of you will have seen her posting pictures of her little angel Peppa in the Jersey Dog Forum group, so you could also catch her that way.  Sofia and her French Bulldog Saviour friends are doing what they can to make the world a better place for dogs and they clearly have for those mentioned in the article above.  Sofia can home check for people in Jersey so have a think about this if rescuing a french bulldog is an option that you are considering.  Thanks for reading everyone! 🙂 

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