Us dog owners are a good bunch and the group has been put to good use since its creation and has raised in the region of £12,000 for charitable purposes or just to help out a dog owner in need... Pretty good going!  This page includes details of some of what group members / admins have been involved in on the community front.

You may notice that not everything you have supported is listed (e.g. food collection for Company of Dogs, Zeffs Christmas Shoe Box appeal etc.). ¬†This is because we don't have photos and it's not meant to be an exhaustive list. ¬†We appreciate everything you do to support others though! ¬†ūüź∂

It’s a Knockout 2017
¬£7,000¬†raised*** ¬†¬† 20 members of the Group entered It’s a Knockout 2017 on¬†9th September 2017¬†Hosted by Friends of SCBU and…
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£3,223.11 Raised in Memory of Silks the Donut Stealing Greyhound
On 1st June 2017, a gorgeous Greyhound named Silks sadly died in a tragic accident. Silks was owned by Gail…
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JSPCA Toy Collection for the Kennel Dogs
In April 2016 there was an appeal via the Jersey Dog Forum Group for toys for the JSPCA Kennel dogs.…
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Mr. Bronx – Appeal for Funds
Funds totalling¬†¬£1,950.69¬†were raised to assist a local dog owner’s family with the costs involved in a legal case which was…
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Food Collection for Greyhound Rescue Jersey
In November 2015 there was a food collection to help Greyhound Rescue Jersey – You lot were incredibly generous as…
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What's Next?

Jersey Rescue Dogs are up next and we are arranging a Quiz Night - details will be released soon!