Us dog owners are a good bunch and the group has been put to good use since its creation and has raised in the region of £12,000 for charitable purposes or just to help out a dog owner in need... Pretty good going!  This page includes details of some of what group members / admins have been involved in on the community front.

You may notice that not everything you have supported is listed (e.g. food collection for Company of Dogs, Zeffs Christmas Shoe Box appeal etc.).  This is because we don't have photos and it's not meant to be an exhaustive list.  We appreciate everything you do to support others though!  🐶

GDPR Privacy Notice
Privacy Notice The information we collect from you includes: 🐶 Full Name 🐶 Email Address 🐶 We also collect pictures…
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Carole Beadle on Competitive Obedience
Written by Carol Beadle (One 2 One Dog Training Jersey) 8 April 2018 I became involved in competitive obedience early…
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French Bulldog Saviours – Jersey
Article By: Sofia Ribeiro Date of Article: 11 February 2018 Hello dear JDF followers The lovely Carla Channing asked me…
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Save & Care Dog Rescue – Romania
Article by: Esta Williams Date of Article:  26 January 2017 Esta Williams rescued Parker Junior ('Parkie') from Save & Care…
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Live Chat with Jo Laurens (DogWorks) – 23rd January
This Tuesday 23 January 2018 between 7pm and 8pm, Jo Lauren’s was online in the Jersey Dog Forum Facebook group…
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Jersey Dog Training Association Class Dates 2018
The Jersey Dog Training Association has released its 2018 class start dates. All breeds are welcome. THURSDAY 4 JANUARY 2018.…
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Dunes walk with Islana McLaughlin Bell (IMDT Trainer) and Dexter, Dexter and Jess’ Birthdays!
Good evening Jersey Dog Forum This Sunday we will be meeting for a walk at the dunes at 9.30am. We…
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Loss of a Pet
Frequently Asked Questions The JSPCA has kindly provided us with answers to some questions which none of us want to ask…
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Jersey Dog Handlers Association Nominated for the Pawscars!
The Jersey Dog Handlers Association ("JDHA") has been shortlisted down to the final 3 out of the whole of the UK…
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Can you help Ariel ?
Article by:  Barbara Keywood (JSPCA) Date:  28 December 2017 Ariel is an extremely pretty and loving 3 year old Doberman…
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What's Next?

Jersey Rescue Dogs are up next and we are arranging a Quiz Night - details will be released soon!