Can you help Ariel ?

Article by:  Barbara Keywood (JSPCA)
Date:  28 December 2017

Ariel 6

Ariel is an extremely pretty and loving 3 year old Doberman who has been at the JSPCA for 13 months now. She is one of the sweetest, gentlest dogs ever. She is just desperate for someone to come along that can see this in her. She is looking for that special family who will take the time to understand her and help her deal with things in life that she finds a little overwhelming.

We are absolutely devastated that Ariel is still searching for a home and have decided to make a very special plea to the public. She is adored by the staff and we are doing everything we can to make her life in kennels as comfortable and relaxed as possible. She continues to be bored, lonely and distressed despite us keeping her occupied with puzzle toys, calming music, a variety of chews, extra time out with staff and volunteers etc. Unfortunately it just isn’t enough to keep her in a content and happy place.

Ariel did not have a good start in life; she was kept in an outdoor kennel until she was 10 months old. When she was first disclaimed to the JSPCA, most things were very frightening for her because she wasn’t used to anything that we consider normal in our day to day life such as traffic and stairs. It took a long time for her to learn that stairs weren’t scary and an even longer time to learn that traffic wasn’t too bad either. Ariel copes with the “normal” world just fine now but every now and then things will spook her and she needs a bit of time to adjust and get used to them. Treats go a long way with helping her get used to things that scare her!



Ariel is fantastic with all adult people she meets, it’s one of the reasons she’s a favourite among the staff and volunteers here. One of her favourite past times is to snuggle in and get lots of cuddles!

Ariel used to get well with other dogs, but she had a couple of bad experiences. One incident involved two large dogs who jumped on her. They didn’t cause any physical damage, but being such a sensitive dog, she is now scared of other dogs. Ariel is undergoing training to learn that dogs are actually a good thing. Her new owners would need to continue this training. The JSPCA will help with this and show you everything that we have done so far. Ariel is fantastic with all adult people she meets, it’s one of the reasons she’s a favourite among the staff and volunteers here. One of her favourite past times is to snuggle in and get lots of cuddles! Unfortunately she gets worried around children, particularly those of a similar height to her; this is why she is only suited to living with children over 16.


Ariel is our longest resident at the JSPCA and she recently found a guardian home. After getting to know her new family she left us and moved in, but unfortunately she couldn’t relax and became quite stressed and anxious in her new environment so she came back to us. Unfortunately as Ariel has been with us for 13 months, she is only used to sleeping in her kennel and the daily routine which is very different to a home environment. We worked together with her guardian family to slowly get her used to their home, the new areas she would be walked and a new routine. As the outside world can be quite frightening for her, it is essential that her new home has a garden. It doesn’t need to be large, but just big enough that she can go to the toilet on days that she doesn’t want to go for a walk.

Ariel keeps us thoroughly entertained with her energetic and playful nature! Anyone who spends time with her just adores her. She is so friendly and loves playing with her toys (she definitely has favourites!) and she will do absolutely anything for a treat. She is such a gentle, loving girl and we are sure that she would bring so much joy to anyone considering giving her a chance.

Please get in touch via our facebook page “JSPCA Animals’ Shelter” or call us on 724331 if you would like to meet her.

JDF Admin Note: 

If you can't help Ariel by offering her a home, please help instead by sharing this link for her.

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