Beau (Jersey Rescue Dogs)


🐶  Rescue - Jersey Rescue Dogs

🐶  Breed - Staffie x collie

🐶  Age - 8 Kids – 12 +

🐶  Cats & Small Animals - Has not lived with any

🐶  Other dogs - Would prefer to be the only dog, though is currently in foster with other dogs

🐶  House Trained – Yes but needs a few days to settle

🐶  Other – To begin with Beau being left alone should be built up gradually by his new owners, once settled Beau will love his home comforts.

Beau loves his walks, he’s great off lead and loves a good play with his tennis ball.

He does enjoy playing with the other dogs but it has to be a dog he knows and introduced to properly. He can be uneasy with dogs approaching and can be selective and is not so keen on bigger dogs and especially those that just bounce up to him/ approach him. Beau does ignore dogs while out off lead and just wants to interact with his humans and have a play with his love the (tennis ball).

He is the sweetest lad who is very easy to have around. He's a fantastic chap who has tons of character and loves nothing more than his humans cuddles.

If this stunning boy has a space on your sofa, please visit and fill out an enquiry/application form. Beau is in foster in Jersey and can be met.

Beau 3
Beau 2

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