Jersey Dog Forum was born out of a desire to share good information with dog owners.  The Group Admins (Carla , Jess and Zeffrienne) have been involved with rescue dogs for many years, however, the group is for all dogs.  We recognise that yesterday's puppy can become tomorrow's rescue dog if people do not have access to the information, help and support that they need along the way.

We love dogs and we want to make sure that up to date and helpful information is available.  We will facilitate this where we can.  There is a wealth of experience among dog owners in Jersey.  The group simply brings this to one place.

The group is for all dogs regardless of where they have come from or what life with their keeper looks like.  There is a huge range of perspectives in the group from pet dog owners to those who compete to a very high level in animal sports, trainers, behaviourists, vets, groomers, those who show their dogs, breeders, rescuers, dog walkers and other professionals. Of course we all have one thing in common, some kind of interest in dogs!

The group has made it easier to support each other.  Along the way, thousands of pounds have been made for charity.  Friendships have been made and new pet related businesses pop up on a regular basis.

We are grateful to have had the support of the many respected professionals and many awesome people who have helped us in some way along the way.  Thank you all!  🐶

Admin Training

The Admins have been on lots of courses to make sure they are up to date in the area of Canine Training and Behaviour. Some of the courses attended / completed very recently (in the last couple of years) include the following:

🐶 Dog to Dog Aggression Qualification (Advanced Award in Canine behaviour and training)

🐶 Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Methodology; Understanding and Working with Canine Behaviour. Accredited Dog Training and Behaviour Qualification

🐶 Talk Dog Practical - Assessing dogs in a Rehoming Centre (RSPCA, Surrey). (Sarah Whitehead & Stella Bagshaw)

🐶 Association of Pet Behaviour Councellors (APBC) conference 2017: Understanding and Managing Over Arousal in Dogs

🐶 Woof 2017 European Training and Behaviour Conference (Nottingham)

🐶 Talk Dog - Dog to Dog Communication (Sarah Whitehead)

🐶 Chirag Patel - Giving dog training back to the dogs (Nottingham)

🐶 Resource Guarding – A New View - Resource Guarding Master Class (Sarah Whitehead) (Dogs Trust, Loughborough)

🐶 Institute of Modern Dog Trainers Behaviourist - Dog to Human Aggression (Hertfordshire) (Tutored by: Jo-Rosie Haffenden)

🐶 Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation (Hertfordshire) (Tutored by: Steve Mann)

🐶 Institute of Modern Dog Trainers – Canine Body Language (Hertfordshire) (Tutored by: Steve Mann)

🐶 Talk Dog – Canine Body Language Course (Sarah Whitehead)

🐶 Scent Workshop 1 and 2 as spectators (Pam McKinnon)

🐶 Institute of Modern Dog Trainers Behaviourist – Separation Anxiety (Hertfordshire) (Tutored by: Jo-Rosie Haffenden)

🐶 Institute of Modern Dog Trainers – Career as a Dog Trainer (Hertfordshire) (Tutored by: Steve Mann)

🐶 Ian Dunbar 4 day Seminars (Behaviour and Training Problems, Biting and Fighting, Puppy Training, Behaviour Programs for Dog Professionals) - October 2017

We are members of various online CPD circles such as Sarah Whiteheads Inner Circle and Ian Dunbar's Training Academy and we have been through Emily Larlham's (Kikopup) online program 'Weekly Inspirations' and 'Weekly Manners'. In addition, we attend numerous online seminars with reputable organisations with a few of us contributing to the cost which keeps it that bit more affordable (and it's a good excuse for a pizza and a catch up - not that we need one)!

The admins have also volunteered for reputable Canine Behaviour and Training organisations to gain valuable experience (these were organisations that reject any training that operates on the basis of fear, intimidation or pain) and have been involved in dog rescue in various guises over the years and as many of you know, get involved in all kinds of other stuff as well.

Ollie education
Zeff & Jess at the European Training and Behaviour Conference 2017.  Woof!
Zeff & Jess at the European Training and Behaviour Conference 2017. Woof!
Zeff with the very famous Dr Ian Dunbar (October 2017)
Zeff with the very famous Dr Ian Dunbar (October 2017)

Fancy Joining us on the Training Front?

The next seminar we will be travelling to is:

🐶  We have just got back from Ian Dunbar's 4 day seminar so we are yet to plan our next adventure! As you can see, we do get up to quite a bit so check back here soon if you're interested in joining us.

The more the merrier on courses - Shout one of the admins if you want to join us!

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